My Must-Have Tools

Below is a list of tools and services I use regularly and will often share in my weekly editions.

Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means if you decide to use them, I’ll earn some money from you clicking below at no extra cost to you.

Work OS & CRM

I spend more time on my Monday boards than in my inbox. Yeah, it’s that great.

From daily tasks to big development projects, and content planning to ad campaigns - allows you to have everything together. Certified - As a Partner, I offer services for setting your company up for success with account setup, board creation, automations, and more.

Integrations & Automations can save you 10+ hours a week!

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Link Whisper - For Link Building

A Wordpress Plugin

Stop inserting links manually! Use auto-linking with Link Whisper for quicker and more effective results for all-link-things on your site.

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Lasso - Affiliate Link Management

A Wordpress Plugin

I doubted the power of affiliate marketing for years; then I tried Lasso. This WordPress plugin has changed my view completely.

After installing it and minimal implementation, I doubled my clicks in the first 2 months.

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Twitter Scheduler

I jumped back into the Twitter space in early 2022 and immediately regretted not starting using it earlier.

I’ve learned so much from some great marketing leaders and in less than one year, I was proud to eclipse 1,000+ followers.

The key is consistency - which I wouldn’t have been able to do without Hypefury. Compared to other Tweet Schedulers, this tool’s pricing is fair.

Try it for free - Focus with Your Work’s focus music is made to help you work better by blending into the background so you can focus distraction-free... all while stimulating the brain with gentle, rhythmic pulses in the music that supports sustained attention.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is more important than social media following. With a strong email marketing strategy, you can reach your audience anytime.

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